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ABRAM DEAN is a singer/songwriter/musician with an incredible ability to sing, write and play to the beat of many drums. Since recently signing his first publishing deal with Warner Chappell Music at the age of eighteen, Abram has quickly commanded the attention of even the most seasoned veterans of the music industry. On a fast track to signing his first record deal, Abram's heart for the music, his drive to complete each project, his ability to deliver unheard-of melodies and a work ethic beyond his years has put him on a level few are able to achieve in a lifetime, much less before graduating high school.

Abram had an early interest in performing for friends and family, but sports continued to be his primary focus until age 15. Abram's sister entered him in a local talent competition in his hometown of Mechanicsville, Virginia where he won first place after performing a song he himself had written. It was at that point his love for music began to tip the scales.

After being offered a management deal at the age of seventeen, Abram moved to Los Angeles, California. Within months, he signed his publishing deal at Warner Chappell and is now incredibly honored to be working with some of the best artists, writers and producers in the industry.

Each of Abram's talents could certainly stand alone, but the fresh, unique, powerhouse his combination is bringing to the music industry is quickly making a mark... a permanent mark that will not be soon forgotten.